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Eric Stevens is a health and fitness coach, trainer and practitioner. Eric has broadened that body focused fitness with writing, presenting and acting in order to reach people, change lives, and create dialogue.

Food for Thought


January 26, 2016  /  Eric Stevens

“The difference between fat and thin comes down to preparation.”

“The difference between fat and thin comes down to preparation,” a client told me yesterday. She hit the nail on the head. She means that she can prepare healthy meals with real ingredients and whole foods and get leaner in the process, or she can eat pre-packaged/processed foods and suffer the ill effects of chronic weight gain. Put another way, you can eat for convenience or you can be healthy and lean, but you probably can’t have both.

Many people struggle with weight, but they didn’t 40 years ago. Why? If you believe what you see on TV, it’s because people exercise less and/or eat too much. But both oft mentioned reasons are misleading and only partially correct assertions. People physically moved far less in 1970 then they did in 1920, but proportionally they were no less overweight. And while calorically, people have steadily eaten more calories each passing decade; the real culprit isn’t the calorie, but the type of calorie - Specifically sugar and ‘empty’ calories.

In fact, caloric consumption actually decreased among Americans between 2003 and 2010, yet the percentage of overweight and obese adults increased. Again, this is because it comes down to the type of calorie consumed. Indeed, statistics are staggering where it comes to the prevalence of ‘empty’ calories such as simple sugars, sugary beverages, and packaged foods (most of which contain added/sometimes hidden sugars.) It’s why diet foods, bars, and shakes don’t really ‘work.’ First of all, once you stop eating your fake diet food, you gain back the weight. Secondly, (and more importantly) eating that way doesn’t address the primary problem – eating packaged and processed foods is what got you heavy (and probably sick) in the first place. ‘Healthier’ packaged food isn’t the answer. Real food is.

“‘Healthier’ packaged food isn’t the answer. Real food is.”

— Eric C. Stevens