Eric Stevens

Fitness Speaker, Author & Personality

Eric Stevens is a health and fitness coach, trainer and practitioner. Eric has broadened that body focused fitness with writing, presenting and acting in order to reach people, change lives, and create dialogue.

Listen Up!

I don’t hear all that well. As a child I had problems with my ear which resulted in my having reconstructive ear surgery as an adult. Add on years of boxing which probably didn’t help my case, and sometimes it’s a struggle for me to hear.

While it’s hard for me to hear soft noises such as a whisper, the good news is I have become more adept at hearing my own inner voice - the voice of authenticity - the genuine voice of bravery in the face of fear. That voice tells us when to stay or leave, when to fight or flight, and when to take a stand. That inner voice is also the voice we must tap into in order to ultimately get healthy and happy.  

Hearing yourself is easier said than done. In addition to the constant noise that engulfs our busy lives, many of us also play other ‘tapes’ that don’t serve us - That of a parent who said you weren’t good enough, a teacher who said you weren’t smart enough, or a coach who said you weren’t talented enough. Sometimes those voices push us harder, while sometimes those voices push us down. But regardless of the end result, peace of mind is only attainable through the authenticity of your own voice. All of the other noise is not only potentially harmful to your well-being; those other voices also drown out your own.

‘Listening’ is arguably our most valuable human sense. Recently I have been watching the television series Daredevil about a superhero in New York’s ‘Hell’s Kitchen.’ While the Daredevil was born blind, he has an uncanny ability to listen. He can literally listen to your heartbeat and know whether you are anxious, scared, or relaxed. It’s a skill many of us lack where it comes to even our own ‘heartbeat.’ But if you want to be your own superhero, you’re going to have to become adept at hearing that ‘heartbeat.’ To that end, here are a few tips:

*Start with stillness.

Find a meditative/prayer/breathing practice. Take notice of reoccurring thoughts and write them down.

*Pay attention to dreams, synchronicity, and reoccurring themes (or types of people) in your life.

Even your own body and physical injuries have a way of teaching us what we need to know. Is there a lesson and/or message that your authentic voice is trying to tell you?

*Beware of self-will.

Self-will is not your authentic voice but your ego. Your ego wants to please others and seeks self-importance. Your authentic voice wants to serve and seeks happiness.

I recently called my Dad about a stressful issue I have been dealing with. As my Dad has a way of doing from time to time, he dropped some wisdom my way. His advice: "Listen and broaden your thought instead of reinforcing your beliefs. It's called learning and learning is the only way we grow and become enlightened...and the only way to learn is to be open and find the ability to trust and listen." Well said Dad. Another way to say it might be to stop and listen. You just might have the answer…or at least the right question.