Eric Stevens

Fitness Speaker, Author & Personality

Eric Stevens is a health and fitness coach, trainer and practitioner. Eric has broadened that body focused fitness with writing, presenting and acting in order to reach people, change lives, and create dialogue.


I’ve never met anyone who stuck with exercise in the long run that didn’t enjoy it at some level. That’s bad news for some of you. Gyms are filled with people trudging through countless grueling hours of exercise that they despise because they believe that such work is the key to arriving at some far off destination of contentment. The logic is backwards.

Arriving at a destination of bliss is about showing up at the right place to begin with. Easier said then done. Most of us aren’t born tennis prodigies or Olympic gymnasts. The good news is that all of us are born with an innate ability to enjoy the expression of grace and happiness through our physicality. But getting there involves rolling up your sleeves and potentially trying a lot of different avenues. However daunting it may be to try new things, the litmus test of passion is simple – the key distinction and question where it comes to passion is ‘does it hold your attention?’ Asked another way, when you do a certain activity or task, does time move fast or slow? The truth of the matter is tennis prodigies and Olympic gymnasts aren’t necessarily born either; they’ve had the gift of exposure to their physical destiny. What many of us need is exactly that – the gift of exposure. I started studying martial arts and boxing not because it was fun or easy, or that I was necessarily good at it. But one thing was certain – it captivated me. I was enthralled by the way a boxer moves or how a martial artist expresses grace. I started doing theater as a kid because the theater felt like a magical place. To this day, when I am acting, time stands still.

“However daunting it may be to try new things, the litmus test of passion is simple – the key distinction and question when it comes to passion is ‘does it hold your attention?”

— Eric C. Stevens

In order to find lasting success with moving your body, you must discover the way to move that moves you. It means today, writing down five things you’ve always wanted to try but you haven’t because you’ve let fear, excuses, or uncertainty dictate your physical destiny. Exercise is not a means to an end, but an opportunity to discover passion and purpose. Your physical passion and purpose is waiting for you – go get it.